Garden Hours:

Monday to Sunday: 9:30AM to 5:00PM
**Subject to change as we receive updates to the provincial COVID-19 guidelines



  • Christmas roses – Hellebore – These subtle yet beautiful flowers are the first perennial to bloom in February
  • Snow Drops – first bulbs to bloom in February with their white nodding heads Incredible aroma of the Sarcococca – or commonly known as Sweet Box.
  • Crocus – a sure sign of spring with a splash of colour everywhere
  • Viburnum bodnatense ‘Dawn’ – Strongly scented pink and white flowers on bare branches in February


  • Rhododendrons – many species that bloom in an array of colours from March until July
  • Camellias – evergreen shiny leaved shrubs boast large rose like flowers
  • Daffodils – March
  • The Chocolate vineAkebia quinata – blooms with delicate chocolate brown flowers
  • Magnolia – Park and Tilford has some of the largest Magnolia trees in the lowermainland in March – April the entire canopy of the garden is filled with large white and pink blossoms.
  • Muscari – The rose garden is awash with blue as the Grape Hyacinths bloom from March-June.


  • Tulips – Our tulip show is stunning. Different colour mixes every year make it an event not to miss.
  • Tree Peonies – The huge papery blooms are breath taking! April-May



  • Roses – the rose garden is in full bloom!  A must see feature includes our ‘Constance Spry’ climbing rose which is covered in hundreds of pink blossoms
  • Wisteria – about 1000 purple and white pendulous blooms hang from the gazebo in the center of the garden
  • Allium – flowering onions put on a great show in the Herb Garden
  • The White Garden is at its best with lilies, peonies, sweet woodruff and Candy Tuft all in bloom. May-June
  • Clematis – climbing up trees and over fences these vines will bloom from May – June.


  • Laburnum –The golden yellow hanging flowers give this tree its common name of the Golden Chain Tree.



  • Escape the heat in our cool woodland gardens and relax amongst the Hostas and Ferns.
  • Walk through the Herb Garden and enjoy the aroma of hundreds of plants used for both Medicinal and Aromathery purposes.
  • Don’t miss the spectacular colour displays of our annual plantings, hanging baskets and bedding plants.
  • Come by the Asian garden and watch the masterful art on Pen Jing pruning
  • The luscious textures of leaves in the Tropical garden



  • Hydrangeas in white, pink and blue
  • Viburnum – Snowball tree
  • Delicate white and pink flowers of the Enkianthus



  • The crystal blue of the Blue false Spiraea.


  • Dried flowers of the Hydrangeas
  • Purple Asters
  • Pink Chelone
  • The reds, oranges and yellows of the leaves of trees and shrubs
  • The blood red and burgundy leaves of the Japanese Maples.
  • Dried seed heads of the grasses dancing in the wind



  • The interesting collection of Evergreen trees and shrubs
  • The golden Yellow flowers of the Mahonia
  • Our unforgettable Christmas Light Festival that runs for the entire month of December