The story of Park & Tilford Gardens is interesting one because of its ongoing maintenance by private business and because of the heartening commentary on the power of committed citizens in preserving it.

The Park and Tilford Distilleries first opened in the spring of 1957, with onsite distilling operations and storage facilities occupying approximately 24 acres. The distillery was located one half mile west of the Second Narrows bridge on Cotton Road (now known as Main St.).

The distillery was known locally and nationally for its liquor brands and community involvement. Park and Tilford was also known for product innovations.

The operation continued to grow and develop until 1967, when the CEO of Park and Tilford Distilleries (later bought by Schenley Canada inc.) began construction of the 3-acre Park and Tilford Gardens that were intended to be a gift to the North Vancouver community. The gardens were also to be used as a promotional tool for the distillers’ liquor products. Park & Tilford was created in 1969 by Canadian Park & Tilford Distilleries Ltd. The garden┬ácovers 3 acres and offers eight separate theme gardens!

The 8 theme gardens include:

  • The Oriental Garden
  • The White Garden
  • The Rock Pool
  • The Native Garden
  • The Herb Garden
  • The Display Garden
  • The Colonade Garden!