Totem Exhibit

New to the Native garden in 2016!

Third Generation Carver – Cody Mathias
Member of the Squamish Nation, born in Vancouver BC, grew up on the Capilano Reserve having been 13th (the youngest son) out of 17 in his family. His inspiration to become carver came from endlessly watching his grandfather and father working on totem poles in their yard.

Cody started carving at the age of 10 and mastered the art by 15 when he started selling his work to support his family.

In 2008, Cody realized a dream and entered the world of silver and gold jewellery carving where he has worked as an instructor for many years.


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Cody comes from a long line of Chiefs – most famous being Chief Joe Capilano (also known as Joe Mathias). Upon his death in 1910, native leaders and communities celebrated Chief Capilano as a powerful leader and icon. Today, the North Shore features many landmarks bearing his name, including Capilano Lake, River, Road, and University.